Book Launch in Australia

Nimai’s Adventures Goes to Australia!

In January 2023, we had the wonderful opportunity to conduct a special book tour for the Nimai’s Adventures Book. In three weeks, we travelled to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney and presented the book to hundreds of children in schools, temples and homes, whilst simultaneously conducting a preaching program. The book was met with a wonderful response, and nearly two hundred copies were distributed to various families across the country.

In addition to the book tour, we had the privilege of conducting Chaitanya Mahaprabhu themed children’s camps, where over fifty children were able to learn about Lord Chaitanya and his glories. During these sessions, we read from our Nimai’s Adventures story book, played spiritual games, and even had the children write letters to Lord Chaitanya, which were offered to Gaura Nitai!

Moreover, we also organized kirtans, classes, and seminars, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the teachings of Lord Chaitanya and the importance of developing a relationship with Him. Our goal was to educate children on the glories of Lord Chaitanya, and help them establish a strong foundation in their spiritual journey.

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