Nimai's Adventure Part One

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Special Features of the book!

  • Enhances Children’s creative writing skills and vocabulary
  • Used in international schools for reading and comprehension
  • Includes 80+ coloured illustrations and 20+ pastimes
  • Based on the Chaitanya Charitamirta and Chaitanya Mangal
  • Retold in a fun story format, including Dhamvasi animals and a Mouse narrator!
  • Includes a custom Map of Navadwip for children
  • Hardcover and coloured glossy pages
  • 200+ pages


More about Nimai’s Adventures

Mali the mouse is discovering so many new things on his travels in Navadvipa Dhama! There are so many new animal friends to meet – Madhu the Monkey, Sadhu the Squirrel, Bhima the Boar, Ekadasi the Elephant, and the rest of the gang.

But wait…who is this beautiful golden boy they all seem to be talking about?

Join Mali as he explores the numerous adventures of little Nimai growing up in Navadvipa. Whether it’s making the whole town chant and dance, excelling in school, being the village prankster, climbing big cooking pots, or playing with giant snakes, Nimai has done it all!

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