Panchatattva- Five Heroes of the Golden Age

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Special Features of the Book!

  • Fun fact-file format
  • Include 40+ coloured illustrations
  • Based on the Chaitanya Charitamrita and multiple other Vaishnava scriptures
  • 120+ uniquely designed pages on glossy paper
  • An individual chapter fully dedicated to each personality in the Panchatattva
  • A unique pastime on each personality, adapted from our vedic scriptures to be fun and attractive for children
  • A “learn bhajans” page, specifically for bhajans on the Panchatattva
  • Over 60 custom-drawn illustrations depicting the pastimes told in the book
  • Presented in a fun-fact file layout to educate children through a fun and interactive method
  • High-quality printing and design


Let me take you back long ago, to a golden age when five magnanimous heroes walked the Earth. In a small village in India, these heroes gathered together with a mission to accomplish. Their names still vibrate throughout planet Earth today. Meet the magnanimous Lord Chaitanya, His best friend Lord Nityananda, the wise Advaita Acharya, the loving Gadadhara Pandit, and the spiritually tranquil Shrivasa Thakur, together known as the Pancatattva. This fun fact file will help you learn about these heroes, from their favourite food to extraordinary pastimes about their life! This journey is going to be a magical one!

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